Inteligenta teaming is a joint venture founded in 2018 between the companies Inteligenta from Skopje/North Macedonia and Waldo IT from Frankfurt am Main/Germany. The decisive factor was the observation that in most European countries there is a shortage of skilled workers in the field of information technology and that we can help with our good network of programmers and engineers – the founders of Inteligenta are professors at the local state faculty of computer science and engineering (FSZE) – with a comprehensive profile and professional experience.

The core of our business is data engineering and software development. We provide services to a wide array of industries, catering from Start-ups to small and medium sized businesses.

Our experience, capabilities and infrastructure enables us to assume a variety of roles, ranging from provider of an outsourcing services to a full-fledged technology partner for companies that are in need of one. Combining a variety of technologies, we work with you to design, develop, deploy, and maintain software solutions with different complexities.