Build your smart team!


Inteligenta teaming with our german partner WaldoIT can build a software development or data engineering team in North Macedonia that becomes insourced part of your company and is managed by you, with our help.

Your insource team will be deeply integrated in both your IT department and your business in general. The team members will act as your employees. They adapt and integrate into your corporate culture which will result in low turnover and will increase their efficiency. You get a higher quality product made by a dedicated workforce that is within a time and budget.

Why Macedonia

EU and NATO oriented

  • Macedonia is an Associated EU and NATO member country bound by EU Intellectual Property Laws. We share a similar western culture and values and have EU educated managers.

A nearshore location

  • Macedonia is in the same time zone as Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden. There are direct flights to Skopje form Berlin, Cologne, Zurich, Malmo etc. Skopje is within a one hour and thirty minutes flight from Vienna.

Cost savings

  • 30-50% savings in labor fees alone compared to other Western European countries. 10-20% savings compared to working with competitors in other Eastern European locations such as the Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria.

Why we

Flexible contracting

Our model enables a rapid start up time of one to three months with zero initial investment. You can start flexible contracting with a one-month notice and a two-weeks trial, and can start with only one specialist and gradually increase your team.

Talented developers

We work with talented developers with experience form one to more than ten years. They have strong long-term professional relationships with companies from Germany, Switzerland, USA and Canada. Our developers have excellent written and spoken English.

Perfect match

You can select from our pool of resources and pinpoint a candidate profile with the skills and experience that you require or we can recruit the team members specifically for you. We have experience in wide range of technologies and development tools: Python, PHP, Java, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.

Close cooperation with academia

We are currently closely collaborating with University Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, Faculty of Computer Sciences and Engineering (FCSE). FCSE is the largest technical faculty in the country and one of the largest ICT facilities in the region.